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I am trying to find the minimum values of a table, but not of all of its indices, just some that comply to a certain pattern.

The minimum of the values of a table are found by using min(entries(atable)).

If the indices of atable are "a1", "a2", "b1", "b2", I would like to just have the ones starting with "a".

Can be done by a loop, but is there a easier way?

Just wonder if someone has any hints about correct code debugging.

Especially I'd like to know how often certain subroutines are called, and where from.

Any idea why parse("a", 'statement') doesn't return the value of the variable, but only its name?

Running the same command directly works.


I've got a problem where I need to find the shortest route between a list of points. Each point must only be visited once.

To solve the problem I admit that I have used ChatGPT. While the answer was very helpful, the thing is that it apparently doesn't work (yet). The problem is that the function in the package is not existing.

Here's the ChatGPT code.

Any help appreciated.

euclidean_distance := proc (p1, p2) options operator, arrow; sqrt((p1[1]-p2[1])^2+(p1[2]-p2[2])^2) end proc; points := [[0, 0], [1, 2], [3, 1], [5, 4]]; distance_matrix := Matrix([`$`([`$`(euclidean_distance(points[i], points[j]), i = 1 .. 4)], j = 1 .. 4)]); solution := Optimization:-LinearSumAssignment(distance_matrix); optimal_route := [`$`(points[i], `in`(i, solution[1]))]; total_distance := add(`$`(distance_matrix[i, solution[1][i]], `in`(i, solution[1]))); print("Optimal route:", optimal_route); print("Total distance:", total_distance)

"Total distance:", total_distance




What's the correct command to return the number of elements in this command? It returns an expression sequence, but I didn't manage to get anything useful in return.

StringTools:-SearchAll("aba", "abababababababababab")

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