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Dear all,

A stupid question.

I tried to create a density plot of the data but I only saw the method to plot graphs through equations. (Actually, I'm not very familiar with related statistical commands in Maple)

This is the histograph of my data:

And I want to get the density plot like this:

It seems that we can get the graph through "InteractiveDataAnalysis" but cannot print the graph into the worksheet or assign the graph to the variable.

How to create a density plot through data? Thanks.

Dear All,

I analyzed some example of linear equation systems and tried to distinguish the difference between the solve and fsolve in these cases.

1. In general case, the deviation between solve and fsolve is less than 10^-8, for example:

But, in some case, the deviation is more than 10^-7, for example:

how to reduce the error of solving the problem by fsolve?

2. It seems that solve will automatically translate the answer into numerical result while the system is composed with decimals, for example, we redo the second case with no decimals:

Is it possible to get the exact solution while the decimal is involved in the system?

The related file is attached. I'd appreciate any help on this topic. Thank a lot.


Hi all,

A  stupid question.

I noticed that there are some difference between the Vector and the Nx1/1xN Matrix, for example:

It confused me. Why Maple should distinguish the vector and the Nx1/1xN matrix? 

If it is due to the need of vector analysis, I refered to VectorCalculus of Maple Help and it seems that Maple used the additional package and command to handle the question about vector analysis, for example:

I'd appreciate any help on this topic. Thank a lot.

Hi all,

I tried to solve the equation f(s) and got the unknow error:

 The related file is attached.

I'd appreciate any help on this topic. Thank a lot.

Hi all,

I tried to used some statistical methods to analyze the data in maple and encountered some problems.

I wanted to perform a cluster analysis to quantify differences among individual samples and hoped to create the dendrogram like this:


For example, each sample is assigned to a cluster and there are about 4 main clusters plus additional outliers in this case through the dendrogram method.

But I didn't find any related command to create this kind of graph. How to realize this analysis in Maple? 

I'd appreciate any help on this topic. Thank a lot.

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