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Yes, more explanation.  Ahmedluss, can you explain a little more what your code does.  Some of us do not have Matlab.  Yes Maple can export and convert code to Matlab but it's apparent and unfortunate Matlab doesn't convert to Maple.  My first quick guess at what your code does, is some sort of insect growth population scenario. 

Okay thanks.  I've submitted the SCR. 

I was so, sooo close to wipeing out my hard drive and starting again.  Phew!  It was one of those Aha, woohoo I found it, eureka!  type moments.  Gotta love those every now and then. 

"Why is everything so heavy in the future?  Is there something wrong with earth's gravitational pull?" 

Okay, I finally found the problem. 

If Tools->Options->Display->Typsetting level is set to Extended ...  Precision round screen display will not work. 

That is interface(displayprecision=10); 



This is what was causing all the problems I was seeing.  If I set the Typsetting level to Maple standard, everything works fine. 




You can try it for yourself and see the results I was getting.  Can someone file a report for that?

Okay, thanks an older version works fine on my laptop and since it's working with yours there must be a problem at my end somewhere, probably my firewall or some conflict causing issues.  I'll reinstall and go from there, thanks for all the help. 

Thanks Jakubi, are you the only one not able to reproduce what I'm seeing?  I try exactly what you do and I still get 10.5

Just wondering if anyone else can reproduce what I'm seeing.

Okay, it works in classic worksheet mode but it doesn't work in the standard document interface mode. 

Thanks but that option doesn't appear to work.  I actually tried that earlier but that didn't change anything.

If I check the tools Precision box "Round screen display to ..."  with any number I still get 10.5 using evalf(10.5,10) and no following zeroes.



Thanks, yes that gives me what I want.  Does maple have a global option in the tools menu to set the number of decimal places after the decimal point?  Be a nice little addition if it doesn't. 

Some numbers won't display more digits.

Specified numbers in the numerator won't display more digits.  evalf(10.5,10) displays 10.5.  The only way to force maple to display more digits is to divide by 1.0 evalf(10.5/1.0,10) displays 10.50000000

Now if I want maple to only display 2 places after the decimal, specifying the number of digits won't work which brings me back to my original question in this thread. 

Okay I'll try to clear up what I mean.  What I want, is not to display it's current value but to display the expression with it's variables only.   

So if d=a*b+5/(3*h) and I've assigned values to a,b and h.  How do I get maple to display the original expression for d after the variables have been assigned?

Yes, thanks for the explanations.  It clears things up a lot except that glitch between the points -7 and -8 it's quite a huge jump and it does bug me.  Similar with the positive axis.  If I didn't know better to include a numpoints option and I was to hand that graph in to be marked I'd get zero. 

Maple should draw the graph without those jumps.  I think it's a glitch in the maple graph drawing that need to be fixed.

Okay that works a better.

The default for numpoints is 50 however I get different graphs with and without using numpoints. 

plot(cos(2*x^2),x)  graph shows the problems I initially had but when I explicitly use numoints=50 plot(cos(2*x^2),x,numpoints=50) ,the default, I get a nice graph no erroneous or wayward lines. 

Maybe the default maple states on the help page for numpoints being 50 is not actually 50.  Regardless wether I state it explicitly or not I should get the same graph result.  Should I not?

How do you add more lines in the vectorfield plot?  I followed this post then followed lemelinm's link and found that that graph drew a minimum number of lines.  The maple help on this ironically wasn't very helpful.  How do you get more lines in there using verctorfield?

I thought about changing the theme in windows but I didn't want everything changed.  Another nice work around trick though, thanks.

About changing the background in the classic interface, I couldn't find that option in any menu.  Do I have to modify the maple.ini file?


Thanks.  I want to be able to change it to a corn husk color - same as the help pages, much easier on the eyes as you said.  Or maybe to fancy it up a little, in any case I'd like to have the option available. 

BTW, that table tip is a nice little work around, thanks. 

I wonder if the option was too much hastle for Maple to bother with.  At least we know they're mostly focussing on the maple engine rather than fluffing it up with too much extras and eye candy. 



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