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I am attempting to apply some routine tests to determine the convergence of series with positive terms. I have run into a little difficulty with the root test. I am using surd( ) as shown below, but Maple will not give the exact value, which in my example, should be exp(6). Why is this happening and is there a way to get the root test to work?



I am wondering if there is a way to create a pdf from a Maple worksheet that has an animation, or in the case of Maple 17, a video, that allows the viewer of the pdf to play the animation/video.


I'm trying to evaluate this triple integral in the rectangular coordinate system and Maple appears to be stuck after the second iterated integral. I then tried to evaluate the same integral in another computer algebra system and got the answer almost instantaneously. My guess is that system converted it to an integral in the cylindrical coordinate system. Why does Maple not do the same? Is there a way to force Maple to do so without manually doing the conversion? I hope there isn't a typo that I'm missing.

I am looking at various ways to generate surfaces in a cylindrical coordinate system. When using the cylinderplot( ) command, the default color scheme is acceptable. However, when using the implicitplot3d( ) command, the surface comes out very dark. I've played with a few color/lighting options, but I'm still not able to have the implicit3d plot look anything like the cylinder plot. Can someone suggest any color/lighting/shading options that might acheive this. My initial results are attached.

In trying to obtain the closed form for the nth partial sum for some fairly basic telescoping series. It appears that SumTools[DefiniteSum][Telescoping] works well for rational summands. However, when the same is attempted on summands that are not rational, it fails. Below are a few examples.


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