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I just encountered a very strange behavior when using DEplot. I want to generate a slopefield and solution curves. However, when I enter the command, only the arrows in the slopefield are showing. If I click on the plot where the solution curve should be, I see the outline of the curve. It's as if the curve isn't begin colored. I hope someone is able to replicate this behavior and suggest a fix. Thanks! (See attached file) 

I would like to create a single animated plot with two components.

The first component being an animation of the graph of r = 2*sin(theta) as theta varies from 0 to 2*Pi in the r-theta plane.

The second component is another animation, simultaneously showing how the graph of r=2*sin(theta) is generated in the polar coordinate system.

I am able to produce each component separately rather easily using the plots:-animate( ) command. What I am looking for is somehow being able to use ...

I would like to have Maple reproduce the well known result that the geometric power series with first term 1 and common ratio x, with |x|<1, converges to 1/(1-x). When I do:




I get - 1/(x-1). Which is okay, but is there a way to force Maple to produce 1/(1-x)?



I would like to define the "12 by 12" matrix A where a_{ij} = (i-1)^(j-1) using for loops. How can this be done? If for loops are not the most efficient way, any other suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

Here is a quick question - Is there anyway to enable full screen mode for Maple on a Mac OS X? I'm currently running Mountain Lion with Maple 16 and will be doing some screencasts and would prefer not to have the menu bar in the videos.

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