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These are questions asked by DJJerome1976

For a function of one variable, I use the map command quite a bit to evaluate the function at several values of the independent variable. For example,




How may I do something similar for a function of two variables? For example,



Can the map command be used to evaluate f at each ordered pair? Maybe I'm not even using the correct data structure. Thanks!

Can anyone explain the inconsistency in the following?



I am trying to get Maple to solve the following rather simple non-linear system.

x=k/4, y=-k/3, z=3k/8, 2x^2+3y^2+4z^2=9

However, solve({x=k/4,y=-k/3,z=3k/8,2x^2+3y^2+4z^2=9},{x,y,z,k}) does not give the expected results. Why not?

Is there a way to have Maple compute the limit of a recursive sequence? For example, the sequence below

a_n = (a_(n-1) +2)/(a_(n-1) + 3), a_1 =2

is bounded and montonically decreasing, thus has a limit, but Maple is not able to compute the limit. Any ideas?

I just encountered a very strange behavior when using DEplot. I want to generate a slopefield and solution curves. However, when I enter the command, only the arrows in the slopefield are showing. If I click on the plot where the solution curve should be, I see the outline of the curve. It's as if the curve isn't begin colored. I hope someone is able to replicate this behavior and suggest a fix. Thanks! (See attached file) 

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