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These are questions asked by Euclid


a is "coeffs(p1)"

b is "coeffs(coeffs(p1, {x, y}))"

c is "coeffs(p1, [x, y])"

d is "coeffs(p1, x)"

e is "coeffs(p1, x, y)"

the results of a,b,c are the same

8, -6, 12, 4, 1, -4

and the results of d,e are the same

4*y^2+12*y+8, -4*y-6, 1

question 2:

I'd like to get the both resuls of "coeffs(p1, x)" and "coeffs(p1, x)" at the same time,

what's the simplest way?

I've compared that with the Math Input Panel associated with Windows 7 just by mouse

,and another software made by my handwriting pen's manufacturer.

What's your point?

Wish a great progress in the following version of Maple,I think the Ocr function can also be associated.



Minimize((1-b^2)/a+(1-c^2)/b+(1-a^2)/c, {a^2+b^2+c^2 = 1}, assume = nonnegative)

the result is strange:

[3.46410161513774462, [a = .577350269189626620, b = .577350269189626620, c = .577350269189626620]]

make the datatype not the float form in the results. 3.4641... to 2 sqrt(3)

question2:how to do this.I use sqrt(1-a^2-b^2) to substitute for c.

Minimize((1-b^2)/a+(1-a^2)/sqrt(1-a^2-b^2)+(a^2+b^2)/b, assume = nonnegative)


f(x) = 4*cos(x)-exp(x)

g := proc (x) options operator, arrow; x-(4*cos(x)-exp(x))/(-4*sin(x)-exp(x)) end proc

tot := 1.3

for i while i < 10 do tot := subs(x = tot, g(x)), print(%) end do:tot

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