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These are questions asked by Euclid

(1 2) (23)=(1 2 3;2 1 3) (1 2 3;1 3 2)=(1 2 3;3 1 2)

how to calculate this ?


for example

VerticalBar∣ VerticalLine

∈ this can be got by "in",and "Element" with Command Completion

I don't know why they are the same,but both appear in the same pallete or different pallete.

For example,5 pictures,how to rename  the five picture use particular names,name1,name2,name3,name4,name5

name1~name5,are different words,


the names are in the the text,like this form:



of course this is more simple:




and other form with some identification codes

rename the picture file with the name in the .txt file.


\  Escape next character for entering "^" and "_"

I don't know what's this mean.


It seems a picture inserted or plot command generated is not movable in a document ?

If I shrink the picture,that will be in the center of the page,but this is not good when I should print the document.

can't be dragged to anywhere?


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