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These are questions asked by Euclid

For example,how to plot n points on a sphere,the points contiguous are isometric.

or plot a one point alpha,and then can generate n points whose center is alpha.

of course,they are all on the same sphere,


Reconstruct an analytic function w(x,y)=u(x,y)+I v(x,y) from its real part u(x,y):

how to define the function in Maple.

I'm confused with the definition in Mma,look at this sample:

analyticReconstruct[v_, {x_, y_}, z_] :=
  2 I (v //. {x -> z/2, y -> z/(2 I)}) - I (v //. {x -> 0, y -> 0});

analyticReconstruct[{2 x y, E^x Sin[y]}]

{z^2, -1 + E^z}



> D := 5;
Error, attempting to assign to `D` which is protected

convert Arg[I*Sinh[1 + I]]to Pi - ArcTan[Cot[Abs[Tanh[1 - I]]]]



x := `<,>`(`<|>`(x[1]), `<|>`(x[2]), `<|>`(x[3]))

x := `<,>`(`<|>`(x1), `<|>`(x2), `<|>`(x3))

when input a matrix like this,the subscript seems be not embodied in the results


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