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@Carl Love  There is a "simpler" approach (simple to me, because I wrote Syrup).  In the original, click in the code edit region and rename it to ckt2 (change the name in Code Edit Panel on the right, you might have to turn it on in the worksheet). Also, change its language from Maple to something else (I'm using Plain Text, but that wasn't an option until recently, so you could also use Modelica). 

I'll attempt to improve the error message that Solve is generating with the original.

@sand15 It's an interesting approach.  While the presented code doesn't explicitly use while loops, ifactor does, and it is called by ifactors. 

Did you get maplev-mode from Maplesoft or from GitHub?  I was out of action for most of last year and haven't done anything with either version.   The version of maplev-mode I use here is more recent than any I have pushed. 

In command line maple I'll do lprint~(sort([exports(GraphTheory)])): which prints a left-justified vertical column of all the exports.

@Carl Love Your MemUse seems to be ideal.  I was considering avoiding the local r and using add(kerneltops('memusage')[..,3]) but assume that that is slightly less space efficient because it generates a list.

@Christopher2222 Thanks.  The delay is a bit long, but it does work. You indicated there was some flashing, or something, but I didn't notice any indication that processing was occurring.  Also curious that entering riel brings up Joseph Riel (which may not be me), but not Joe Riel.

@Christopher2222 I'm not understanding.  I cannot find myself by typing Joe, which is my displayed name, but have to type Joseph then wait for Joseph Riel to display.  Typing Joe doesn't show matches for me, no matter how long I wait. Maybe I'm too impatient.  Have no idea how to match someone given their displayed ID.

Followup: If I enter just riel, then Joseph Riel appears.

@Christopher2222 Regardless whether the author works, its not clear what should be entered in the author field.  If I type the id I use to log in here, it doesn't recognize it (the dialog appears to work by showing matches for a partial name). If I type my full first name, it show a list of the people that match it, including showing my full name.

The worksheet is not yet attached.  Use the green up-arrow.

Posting the worksheet would be helpful; use the green arrow button at this site. 

Try replacing e^(-3*x[i]) with exp(-3*x[i]).

@Carl Love Am wondering how a user could find this functionality just using Maple's help.  Given just the idea of using subset with the is procedure it would be difficult to find the technique unless you were aware of SetOf and RealRange, i.e. you already had a good idea for a solution.  

Don't have an answer.  Here's a simple way to illustrate the problem.

plot(sin, 0..2*Pi, 'style=pointline', 'legend'=["a plot"], 'symbol=[solidbox]', 'numpoints'=20)

Note that the plotted line effectively changes with numpoints; set numpoints to 200 and the line will appear quite thick.  To mimic that effect, the plot routine might have to generate the legend by essentially plotting it.

@Carl Love I agree and had the same question.  Submitted it as a request for enhancement.

@Art Kalb Execute showstat(`expand/conjugate`) to see the function that is evaluated.  Note that the first conditional is

if b::('Or(`*`,`+`)') then 
   map(conjugate, b) 
end if;

If, as in your case, the b is a sum of products, the distribution will only occur over the sum.

One way to debug this is to edit the startup code (click the Edit menu then select Startup Code) and insert the line stoperror('all'); as the very first line.  Then save the startup region and the worksheet, close the worksheet and reopen it.  When the error occurs the debugger will be launched. In the debugger box ("Enter a debugger command:") enter args to see the arguments passed to `evalf/min` (assuming that was the procedure that raised the error).   

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