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I should know this, but I don't: Is there a plotting command to plot a list of points, like so:

list:=[[x1,y1],[x2,y2],etc...]; plotlist(list);

(a Vector of points would also be ok)?

There is plots:-pointplot which plots two Vectors (or maybe lists) against each other.

plots:-listplot plots a list against the index. Both are useful commands I employ a lot, but sometimes I'd like to plot pairs as above directly.

Note that I do know how to transform the list of pairs into two lists, or whatever; that is not the issue. I am looking whether there is a command that does this by itself, transparently, before I program myself such a routine because I am too dense with the Maple Help facility.


Mac Dude.


I just got a "new" graphics card, NVIDIA GT630, and was wondering whether the CUDA capabilities are accessible. But no luck:


Error, (in CUDA:-Enable) CUDA not supported on the current system (see CUDA,supported_hardware for more information)

The CUDA help page with the example, when run, just shows a host of error messages.

I have OS X 10.11.6, the above mentioned GT630 card with claimed 384 CUDA cores and 2 GB of VRAM; NVIDIA WebDriver 346.03.15f16 for the card (i.e. latest for this OS) and NVIDIA CUDA driver 8.0.90 (again, latest for this OS as far as I can tell). My Maple is 2015.2. All this running on a MacPro 4,1.

I am not having great illusions about the performance I should get (this is not a state-of-the-art card today), but it seems to me this combination should be working with Maple 2015 and not throw an error, shouldn't it? Checking the system extensions: CUDA.kext is loaded and its dependencies are satisfied, so I don't see any problem there.

Am I missing something?


I have an integral of a sum

Int(Sum(-(Nb*t-n*t__rev)*exp((1/2)*(L+sqrt(-4*C*L*R^2+L^2))*t/(L*R*C)-(1/2)*(Nb*t-n*t__rev)^2/(Nb^2*sigma__b^2)), n = 0 .. Nb-1), t);

that I want to convert into a sum of integrals since Maple will not integrate the sum but it will integrate the summands. I tried IntegrationTools, but none of these tools seem to do it. It is a part of a larger expression so doing this by hand is not a real option.

Mac Dude.

Following situation: I have a bunch of matrices A,B,Dm, Dinv (which is the inverse of Dm). They happen to be 2x2 matrices, but I want/need to keep these in a symbolic or abstract form, i.e. I am not saying what these are.

They are then used as submatrices of other (2x2) matrices like so:


I then have various dot products between these & others.

My issue/question is: How can I make sure, Maple obeys the non-commutativeness of the products that occur in doing these matrix products? I tried declaring A and B etc. as Matrix(), but that fails, saying the matrices are either too short or too long.

At any rate, I do not want Maple to expand these into their elements. A particular concern is that Dm*B*Dinv bcomes B*Dm*Dinv = B; obviously not correct for matrices B,Dm,Dinv.

So, can Maple handle abstract matrices?


In answer to a previous question ( acer introduced me to the .mla archives as a possible store location for variables.

I have been working with this and now end up having 4 .mla files (called results1.mla...results4.mla) that each hold output from some lengthy batch running of maple. Each of these has two tables with values called Beams and Beams2 (same name in each of these archives). While named the same the content is different.

My question is: How do I get at each of these? As acer explained, the content (i.e. the tables Beams and Beams2) is mapped into the namespace of the Maple session once libname includes the directory where the .mla files sit. They are actually in the same directory as the associated Maple programs so they mask each other.

I tried to juggle libname prepending the .mla file I want to the rest; but that does not seem to work (I always get the same data). I do need the data all in one worksheet for collating and postprocessing and display.



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