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Dear Support

I am attempting to model quantum dynamics, and have defined a coupled set of nonlinear PDEs I would like to solve for coupled solutions u(x,y,t) and v(x,y,t) using MAPLE 18.

I attach an image of part of the worksheet the pair of PDEs...The initial conditions u(x,y,0), v(x,y,0) are a pair of respectively positive and negative 2D gaussians on the x,y, domain.

Before I go any further, please would you check that MAPLE 18 is in principle capable of finding solutions u(x,y,t), v(x,y,t) solutions, and let me know whether it is worth pursuing the solution?  I have had a look at the MAPLE documentation, but am not sure whether MAPLE can solve this system.

As a warm-up, I successfully solved a 1-D system u(x,t), v(x,t) using pdsolve[numeric], but I am not clear whether MAPLE 18 can solve for u(x,y,t), v(x,y,t) either numerically or analytically on the [x,y,t] domain.

I hope you can provide help/guidance. An image the equations in MAPLE is displayed here...

Melvin Brown


I understand that Maple 2018 is now able to solve 3 independent variable PDE & BC problems in bounded domains through separation of variables by product and eigenfunction expansion.

My solution domain is (x,y,t), (i.e three independent variables) but I would like to need to use numerical integration.  Are there plans to make numerical integration for PDEs with three independent availables, and if so when is that facility likely to be available?




I have converted a single large worksheet into a workbook comprising many worksheets.  One of the worksheets contains start-up code.  Is that start-up code (which includes numerous subroutines/functions) automatically available/accessible/executable by all the other worksheets in the workbook?  



I have a worksheet that creates many dynamic GIF images.  They use up a huge large amount of RAM, causing MAPLE to grind to a halt.

Instead, on its creation, I would like to export each image file to my external file system, and then delete it from my MAPLE worksheet.  I wish then to use commands in MAPLE to start up and view the image files using IrfanView outside MAPLE.  This would, significantly reduce my RAM usage. (I.e. I wish to export the iGIF mage viewing to IrfranView.)

Can anyone help please?  (I have tried to follow MAPLE documentation, but have been unable find a working solution.)

I am running under Windows 7.



LetList := [C, E, F, H, K, P, T, W, X, Y]; LetList[Sample()];
           LetList := [C, E, F, H, K, P, T, W, X, Y]
Error, invalid input: no implementation of Sample matches the arguments in call, 'Sample:-ModuleApply()'

Can any one help me with random sampling from LetList ?




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