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@Carl Love @tomleslie thanks for your valuable comments

@vv how we replace exp(eta*k2) with Z^k2?

@vv Thanks your vaulable comments. Now, I want to construct system of equations by comparing the likes powers of x^i*y^j*t^k1*exp(k2*eta) for an expression H1 present in attached file. Please see the fix my problem. I shall be very thankful for your kind help.

@tomleslie I am going to compare the coefficiets and used the following command

printlevel := 2; Equation := 4;
for i from 0 by 1 while i <= Equation do 
for j from 0 by 1 while j <= Equation do 
C[i, j] := eval(g(i, j)) 
end do end do

but got the following errer.

g called with arguments: 0, 0
 #(g,1): coeff(collect(algsubs(x^n*y^m = z,select(j -> patmatch(j,a::anything*x^n*y^m),H1)),z),z)
Error, (in algsubs) no variables appearing rationally in pattern
 locals defined as: g = g, pat = 1, rep = z, vars = [], opt = remainder, v = v, bad = bad

Please see the attachement

@tomleslie dear thanks for your valuable comments!

@Carl Love thanks for your answer.

@tomleslie Thanks for you kind response and fix my problem.

@Joe Riel Thanks for you comments. So how to fix the problem in this case?

@Carl Love Now there is no evalm but face more problem than before.

@Carl Love Please the following file

@Carl Love thanks for your answer! I remove evalm but face same problem.

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