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These are questions asked by Nicolo


I am trying to solve a problem in theoretical applied mechanics in which I need to find the solution for 5 unknown but I have 6 equations. None of the equations is redundant and I need the solution of the variable to satisfy each of the equations.

These are the equations 




This is the result of a mathematical procedure. I need to be able to extract the series...


I need help with solving an equation. I have the following equation:


to this equation I applied the comand: series(%,xi) and as a result obtained:


My question is: the way to solve this equation in the manner I need is setting the coefficients...

Regards, I have a question about the solve function in maple

How does the solve function works?

I know if you have a random eq lets say y:= x-> x^2 + 5 x

and I use the function like....   solve(x^2+5x = 8) it will solve it for me giving me numerical values for x or the roots of x

If I have an eq w(x) and it has constants lets say w:= x -> a[1]x^2+a[2]x^4

and i solve this equation in this manner:    solve([w(0),w(1),D(w)(0),D(w)(1)])

Regards, I am conducting independent research in my university and I was recomended to use this software but since I am more familiar with matlab it feels harder to use maple and I'm making many mistakes.

My question is how to solve the following equation w(xi) = a_0 + a_1 * xi + a_2 * xi^2 + a_3 * xi^3 + a_4 * xi^4

So I defined xi = x/L

and gave some boundary/initial conditions for this equation(don't know if this is right)

w(0) = 0 : w(L...

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