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Hello colleagues

I use Maple 2020 and I try to create Histogram of Poisson with a mean 200 [ Histogram(Sample(Poisson(200),10000))]. but I get an incorrect result in the form of a histogram as uniform distribution. But In my Maple 2015 I get a correct result.what is the problem?

Hi friends! I have a problem with Random Variable. I don't understand why theoretical Mean differs from sample's Mean

restart; with(Statistics);

r := RandomVariable(NegativeBinomial(3, .1));


S := Sample(r, 10000);

d := map(unapply((3-1)/(3+t-1), t), S);



But !!

For example if p=0.2 then all is well


Hi, friends!

I'm not a math =) but it is interesting

How can i solve this equation like the gambler's ruin with Maple's function rsolve

f(n)=0.5*f(n-1)+0.5*f(n+1), f(0)=1, f(6)=0

rsolve({f(n)=0.5*f(n-1)+0.5*f(n+1), f(0)=1, f(6)=0}, {f});

it returns this 

{f(n) = 7 f(5) - f(5) (n + 1)}

I don't understand :( 

for example Wolfram Alpha return the true result

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