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Hi @haenschw ,

We're sorry to hear about trouble with this Application in Maple 2024.

It looks like the source was this Primes post: which referenced this application on the Application Center: designed for Maple 2018. To use it, the zip file containing required images and examples can be downloaded and unzipped. This way, the paths don't need to be modified. 

Either way, our DeepLearning experts are investigating changes in Maple 2024 interfering with the application, we'll let you know what we find. 

Hi @wswain

Our Math team had a chance to review the question. They say that,

We currently don't have a way to get the estimates used out of the WeibullPlot command; that would be a good SCR (which we have filed ourselves). You can do the same calculation manually, after loading the Statistics package, as: 



X := RandomVariable(Weibull(1, .6))

A := Sample(X, 100)

MaximumLikelihoodEstimate((':-Weibull')(eta, beta), A, ':-output' = ':-equation')

[eta = HFloat(1.1670796832512769), beta = .6393785372]




Hello @William Newman,

What is preventing you from retrieving maple.sty in the current version?

The ?latex help article mentions,

Also, a copy of the maple.sty file, found in the etc directory of your Maple installation (kernelopts(mapledir)), should be in the same directory where you placed the .tex file that resulted from File > Export > LaTeX

On MacOS, the default mapledir returned when executing that command is



And browsing to the etc directory there with Finder's 'Go to folder' or otherwise should find maple.sty:

Please see our Frequently Asked Question article, How Do I Determine My Maple Purchase Code? for some other ways to find purchase codes. 


The only way to embed LaTeX into Maple 2023.2 worksheets is to take a screenshot of the output and insert the picture. Otherwise, you could (re)create the table in the Maple document/worksheet. There are commands like DocumentTools:-Tabulate and DataFrame,Tabulate for programmatically creating tables, but for a small table like the one shown, is it easier to use the Insert>Table functions in the Maple interface and build upon that?

Hello @wellsgbw,

Thank you for describing this option on Maple Primes. We see that the option was present in Maple 18 and Maple 2015; however, it appears to have been deprecated in Maple 2016. This may have been because there are a few alternatives to display multiple plots in newer versions (including Maple 2023), the easiest may be to just run a different command in another execution group:








Another option is the Tabulate command from DocumentTools package:


plot1 := plot(sin(x))

plot2 := plot(sin(10*x))


Tabulate(`<,>`(plot1, plot2), width = 50)








Let us know if any of these alternatives will work for you in the current version. 

Hi @brian.paul.hanley

Our developers also shared this advice by email:

If it is a memory issue, it may help to increase the memory available to Java.   This can be done, for example, by running:

xmaple -j 2048

The -j option maps directly to Java's -Xmx option which controls the maximum amount of heap memory that the Java process is allowed to consume.   The default is usually 1GB or less.   The -j option is specified in MB, so the above call will allow Java to use 2GB.   Try experimenting with this number or something larger.   Also, make sure the datasize limit (as specified by 'ulimit -d' or 'limit datasize' depending on your shell) is also set high enough for the O/S to allow the process to use this much memory.

If this works, you can then edit the $MAPLE/bin/maple script and modify the script to set JAVAHEAP=2048 and CUSTOMHEAP=1. 

Hello @Nawazish13fpm ,

Thank you for the question. We discussed it with our development team.

Unfortunately, Maple 2022.1 does not support Benders Decomposition technique but we have noted the interest and will consider it for future versions. We don't have the expertise to discuss implementing it in Maple either.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

Hi @olawattad,

Does the ?Threads article give you some ideas?

There are already some great suggestions on this thread. One of our developers also had this slight variation of @acer 's answer:

interface(typesetting = extended); with(Typesetting); Settings(typesetdot = true); Suppress(x(t)); a := diff((1/2)*LongExpression*x(t), t); F := convert(a, list, `*`); b := InertForm:-Display(`%*`(op(F)), inert = false)

Typesetting:-mcomplete(Typesetting:-mrow(Typesetting:-mfrac(Typesetting:-mn("1"), Typesetting:-mn("2")), Typesetting:-mo("&sdot;"), Typesetting:-mi("LongExpression"), Typesetting:-mo("&sdot;"), Typesetting:-mover(Typesetting:-mi("x", fontstyle = "normal", Typesetting:-msemantics = "function"), Typesetting:-mo("&period;", bold = "true"), accent = "true")), Typesetting:-_Hold([`%*`(1/2, LongExpression, diff(x(t), t))]))




Hello @Srahimi2022 ,

We're sorry to hear about trouble with your Maple trial. 

The error shown has an article about it with some possible solutions, or instructions to send your license file to Technical Support, where we would be happy to help further:

'System clock has been set back' error when starting Maple

Hi @olawattad, take a look at the ?Threads article about tools for parallel programming. 

About your specific example, our developers thought threads could be incorporated with, 

You could run each inner loop on a separate thread, or you could put all the (i,j) combinations into a list and have the task model pick them out one by one. 

Hello @TKChang99 ,

Thanks for bringing this up. Our Documentation team will investigate. Maple input may have been used for compactness of the table, efficiency of the worksheets, or to demonstrate the equivalency of Maple input and 2D input.

With that being said, feel free to right-click on Maple input and convert to 2D Math should you prefer it. 

Hello @C_R ,

We apologize for the confusion and thank you for bringing it to our attention. 

The Sim team will look to improve the help article in future versions of MapleSim. In the meantime they say that, 

the icon removes the override, the one beside it makes it a parameter of the subsystem/class

We hope that helps for now.

Hello @janhardo ,

We apologize that a thread was deleted that may have still been of interest.

The MaplePrimes team took a look, and found that a user deleted a comment, causing all children replies to that comment to also be deleted.

They are looking into  improvements to this behaviour in the future. 

For now, is the main goal achieved with something like this? 


f(s) := int(f(z)/(z - s), z)/((2*Pi)*I):
dfn := diff(f(s),s$n);
simplify(convert(dfn,factorial)) assuming n::posint;

-((1/2)*I)*(int(f(z)*(-1)^n*pochhammer(-n, n)*(z-s)^(-1-n), z))/Pi


-((1/2)*I)*factorial(n)*(int(f(z)*(z-s)^(-1-n), z))/Pi




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