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Hi @olawattad,

Does the ?Threads article give you some ideas?

There are already some great suggestions on this thread. One of our developers also had this slight variation of @acer 's answer:

interface(typesetting = extended); with(Typesetting); Settings(typesetdot = true); Suppress(x(t)); a := diff((1/2)*LongExpression*x(t), t); F := convert(a, list, `*`); b := InertForm:-Display(`%*`(op(F)), inert = false)

Typesetting:-mcomplete(Typesetting:-mrow(Typesetting:-mfrac(Typesetting:-mn("1"), Typesetting:-mn("2")), Typesetting:-mo("⋅"), Typesetting:-mi("LongExpression"), Typesetting:-mo("⋅"), Typesetting:-mover(Typesetting:-mi("x", fontstyle = "normal", Typesetting:-msemantics = "function"), Typesetting:-mo(".", bold = "true"), accent = "true")), Typesetting:-_Hold([`%*`(1/2, LongExpression, diff(x(t), t))]))




Hello @Srahimi2022 ,

We're sorry to hear about trouble with your Maple trial. 

The error shown has an article about it with some possible solutions, or instructions to send your license file to Technical Support, where we would be happy to help further:

'System clock has been set back' error when starting Maple

Hi @olawattad, take a look at the ?Threads article about tools for parallel programming. 

About your specific example, our developers thought threads could be incorporated with, 

You could run each inner loop on a separate thread, or you could put all the (i,j) combinations into a list and have the task model pick them out one by one. 

Hello @TKChang99 ,

Thanks for bringing this up. Our Documentation team will investigate. Maple input may have been used for compactness of the table, efficiency of the worksheets, or to demonstrate the equivalency of Maple input and 2D input.

With that being said, feel free to right-click on Maple input and convert to 2D Math should you prefer it. 

Hello @C_R ,

We apologize for the confusion and thank you for bringing it to our attention. 

The Sim team will look to improve the help article in future versions of MapleSim. In the meantime they say that, 

the icon removes the override, the one beside it makes it a parameter of the subsystem/class

We hope that helps for now.

Hello @janhardo ,

We apologize that a thread was deleted that may have still been of interest.

The MaplePrimes team took a look, and found that a user deleted a comment, causing all children replies to that comment to also be deleted.

They are looking into  improvements to this behaviour in the future. 

For now, is the main goal achieved with something like this? 


f(s) := int(f(z)/(z - s), z)/((2*Pi)*I):
dfn := diff(f(s),s$n);
simplify(convert(dfn,factorial)) assuming n::posint;

-((1/2)*I)*(int(f(z)*(-1)^n*pochhammer(-n, n)*(z-s)^(-1-n), z))/Pi


-((1/2)*I)*factorial(n)*(int(f(z)*(z-s)^(-1-n), z))/Pi




Hi @RitaMath

We consulted with our Math team and unfortunately, Maple 2022  doesn't support numeric solution of elliptic PDEs. 

This PDE cannot currently  be solved exactly, either. There's not much Maple can do at this time.

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Hi @Kasp262e ,

Have you tried unlinking the bullets and numbering of your second list from the previous list item? 

Hello @Fresch ,

Thank you for upgrading to Maple 2022.

We're sorry for the trouble. The ?latex article has this note about some limitations:

and DataFrames appear to be another in Maple 2022.0.

Our development team will look into improvements to future updates and versions of Maple.

In the meantime, their recommendations for workarounds are: 

The easiest is probably to make sure the DataFrame is never printed (by ending all appropriate statements with ":" instead of ";") and then calling DocumentTools:-Tabulate(test): to include a nicely formatted table in the worksheet; and finally export the worksheet to .tex.

Alternatively, you can convert the dataframe to, e.g., a Matrix, and latex that; but then you lose the row and column headers.

For posterity of this thread, there is a note in the Maple 2021 ?latex article that,

When working with large expressions, neither the automatic line-breaking, nor the breaklines option of latex, will break lines in fractions or across matrix lines (i.e., the number of matrix columns is not altered).

As such, manual manipulation of an expression or LaTeX output may be required to achieve the desired line breaking. 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have released a patch to Maple 2021, MapleSim 2021, and Maple Flow 2021 on macOS to correct this problem involving doubling of characters on input. 

Anyone who uses macOS 11 or macOS 12 should install this update immediately. We also strongly recommend that all macOS users install this update, to avoid problems that may be triggered by future updates to your operating system.

To obtain this update:

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we worked to find a solution.

Hello everyone,

We apologize for the performance regression of MatrixMatrixMultiply in Maple 2021. 

Maplesoft believes this problem may be fixed in an upcoming version of Maple. 

If anyone would like early access to Maple 2022, they should join our beta program

A workaround for Maple 2021 (OS environment variable OMP_NUM_THREADS set to 1 in the shell that launches Maple) is discussed by acer. 

Hello @Anthrazit ,

We're sorry for the inconvenience. Do any of the tips in our article

Scaling issues when using high resolution monitors on a Windows machine

provide an improvement?

We're glad you figured it out @Ahmad_A ,

For thread posterity, we have an article with some more details about this specific error caused by missing 32-bit compatibility libraries required for Maple activation on 64-bit Linux installations here:

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