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These are questions asked by Teep

I wish to extract a minimum route in a network given both start and end positions.

Also, I wish to avoid a spur in the circuit and obtain one continuous orthogonal  path. 

As an example, take the 7-node case having 14 arcs (see worksheet) using Dijkstra's algorithm (I assume this is fit for purpose in this particular case).

Starting with node 1, the algorithm suggests the paths:

1>2>3>4>5>6>7.>8>9 and 1>2>3>4>5>10>11>12>13>14 (here, there is a spur at node 5 where the paths separate)

Is it possible obtain one minimum path?

The source node is prescribed in the routine - can anyone explain how to prescribe the end node?

Thanks for reading!



I have three columns of data (real numbers) in Excel that have about one thousand rows and I wish to plot their relationships in Maple. The source data simply comprises three columns of numbers and so, are not ordered in triples, [x,y,z]. Does anyone know of a simple routine available that allows me to import the raw data and output a 3-D wire / solid plot in Maple?

Thank you! 


I am attempting to obtain a solution to, what appears to be a simple PDE system (3 equations) and have encountered an error with the initial / boundary conditions. Can anyone provide and guidance / help with this?

The worksheet follows. 


Thanks in advance.

In LPSolve, I have solutions returned in matrix form that contain elements that are negligible (values close to zero).

Is there a simple way to convert and reduce these values to zero in the matrix (rather than return the exact values)?



Good day!

I am working to solve a double series (LP  minimization) problem of the form 

z = add(add(x[i,j]*y[i,j]*z[j], j=1..6), i=1..3).

However, this returns a set [ ]. 

Since LPSolve does not operate on a set (removing the brackets manually will enable LPSolve to obtain the solution), can anyone suggest what is wrong with the structure of this z-equation? x, y are matrices and z is a column vector.



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