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@Adam Ledger 

The plots are heavily distorted, you should see the help page: ?plot,conformal and add the numxy and/or grid option to your command, so that you get better resolution. 

@Adam Ledger 

You really should increase the numer of sample points, see plots,conformal. 


correction, transform is probably not the right choice, maybe better:


quote from help:

 "latex(expr, options)

When expr is a named table, it is evaluated before translation. Procedures and modules are not automatically evaluated."

It would be nice to see a working example for such a procedure.

What is your error? It works here as expected.


Sorry I don't have a general answer. Maple is an ever changing product, has cool stuff but also bugs, and I often forget solution options if I'm not using them for a long time. My first stop usually is the examples section if a command does not work, and expand from there.


You could check out PDEtools,dchange to see if it fits your needs 

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

I always wondered why this Orthogonal Expansion functionality is not implemented in Maple by default. What is new in this update?


By the way, you can control the exact number of points in the plot with the additional options adaptive=false and sample=[list of sample points]

@one man 

Nice work, but I get the same errors as Markyan reported. They can be fixed (at least for me) by substituting floats with rationals in formulas


thanks for sharing the cool stuff

@Carl Love 

converting to RootOf form as a step in between seems to help residue:


convert(2^(1/4)*exp((1/8)*(3*Pi*I)), RootOf); allvalues(%);
residue(z^2/(z^4+2*z^2+2)^2, z = %); evalf(%)

@John Fredsted 

that's too easy...

L := RandomTools[Generate](list(integer(range = 1 .. 7), 2));
x := min(L); y := max(L);


adorable. Now some realistic rain drops...

could you give an example?

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