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some more Kung Fu is needed:

expand(Z, op(indets(Z, specfunc(anything,[sin,cos]))));

it is not perfect, but almost. I get as result



yes, the Physics package is developing nicely, matrix equations can be differentiated symbolically. Apart from this and the original question from the poster, the usually discussed limitation is to *solve* matrix equations symbolically, something like this, solve for C (if possible): C=A*C^T*B+D*(C^-1)+E, where ABCDE are nxn regular matrices, without falling back to component-wise calculations.

I hope the Physics package will be able to do it some time in the future.


key combinations for international users may look differently, check ?2dmathshortcutkeys for a complete list.





There is no way to tickmark a topic as completed, it will just fade into oblivion.

Your best bet is to get in touch with the Maplesoft customer service and explain your case. By the way, there is no feature limited version of MapleSim.


Have you reason to believe that there is a closed form to this complicated integral?

could you be more specific? 

Post your command, also the output of



@Markiyan Hirnyk 

By the way, passing options to the implicitplot routine smoothes the plot a bit.



you should post details to your setup, OS version, 32/64bit etc.

use acer's command

@Alejandro Jakubi 

I'm not sure if there was an announcement, but the update is available

 It could be just released as a compatibility update for MapleSim7, without further notice.


@Carl Love 

hve you installed Maple 18.02? 2D plots are much smoother now


This is just a test for image quality (jpg)


N:= 10: #Number of plots.
[seq(s(i), i= 0..N-1)], x= -10..10, y= -1..1,
color= [seq(COLOR(HUE, .85*i/N), i= 0..N-1)]



I am not aware that you can specify 2 different values for the axes option in parallel. My redneck solution: plot with normal axes, select the plot, click Drawing in the icon bar and draw a rectangle around your plot.



but c(N,0); returns f(t) for me. Please clarify.




I don't have MapleSim available right now, try a prismatic in series with a revolute joint to create angles.

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