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Dear Community,

I get this message

'EQU' is implicitly declared local to procedure 'Z_DAK_FSOLVE'Problem with procedurefor a procedure, and  cannot go further. How can I avoid it?

Tx for the help in advance,

best regards



Could someone explain what are the main (functional) differences between professional and personal Maple editions for 2845$ and 299$ respectively?

Tx, Andras

Dear Maplers

I would like to define a component in MapleSim, which is difficult to write with a single equation, but rather it would be defined with a bunch of equations (a procedure). Can it be done programatically, i.e. can I write my own code (procedure) in Maple programming language to define the component? Or should I subdivide the problem to smaller steps (equations) and define a component for each of them? What would be the best way? Could you possibly give an example?


Dear Community

I'm a newbie in MapleSim trying to run a simple RC circuit simulation. Unfortunately I get the error message "system inconistent, simulation failed", but I have no clue why. I've uploded the model. I'm trying to withdraw a constant current of 0.1A from capacitance C6. I do certainly something wrong. I would be grateful if you could have a look, and help.

Tx. in advance, best regards

VEH_We.mwDear Community

I try to plot a rather sophisticated function with Bessel functions and several roots of a transcendent equation, but failed. I've specified all parameters, functions, etc. yet I still get an error message. What do I do wrong? I've uploaded the file,  if you could have a look.

Tx in advance, best regards


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