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These are questions asked by agreuer

I am trying to learn to use the Physics Package.

There is also a tensor package. Do this packages work together?

I tried some examples from a mechanics book:

For a stresstensor the stessvector on a plane defined by its normal should be calculated.

I made it in the following way:

sigma[i,j]:=Matrix([[ 54 , -27 , 9 ],
        [ -27 , 18 , 0 ],

Is there a way to plot a graph in a fliped way.

I tried to do this using Vectors. But this is not so easy.

plot(Vector(70,x->sin(x/10),Vector(70, x->x+1/10));


Is there a way to insert a table of content with the headers of the sections at the beginning of the document? (like in MS Word)

If I click on the link, maple should jump to the section.

It should be updated, if I create a new section or change the header.

There is a difference between a variable with an index and a variable name with an index in "2D Math"-Mode.

The variables look similar.

Here an example, what I type and what I get.

a (SHIFT + _) 1:=2
a (SHIFT + CTRL _) 2:=3
a (SHIFT + _) 1 * a (SHIFT + _) 2
a (SHIFT + CTRL _) 1 * a (SHIFT + CTRL _) 2
a (SHIFT + _) 1 * a (SHIFT + CTRL _) 2

And this is, what I get.

Is there a way to undock the window with the 3D visualization. (as a new window)

If I change the size of the window, the size of the visualization window is not updated.

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