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I now have 77 points and I am getting worried as it may suggest I know 77 points worth of maple.

However, all my points come from asking questions.

I wonder whether two types of pointing should be created: one for very grateful receivers such as I and one for all you wonderful givers - thank you - who are prepared to shed light on so many questions.

Just a thought.



Is there a way to generate 256 equations of the form

Eq256:= {e1>0,e2>0,e3>0, e4>0,e5>0 e6>0,e7>0,e8>0}
Eq255:= {e1>0,e2>0,e3>0, e4>0,e5>0 e6>0,e7>0,e8<0}
Eq1:= {e1<0,e2<0,e3<0, e4<0,e5<0 e6<0,e7<0,e8>0}
Eq0:= {e1<0,e2<0,e3<0, e4<0,e5<0 e6<0,e7<0,e8<0}

The < can be thought of as a binary 0 and the > as a binary 1 so there are 2^8 equations.

I want to call a procedure that does the above with something like

For i = 1 to 256 do
eq:=getequ(i):# getequ:=proc(i) returns the automatically generated equation
end do;

I can do it all by hand but what a pain.
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