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Say I have a directory of files with names: sim01.m, sim02.m ... sim20.m I can automate the collection of the names of the files with >file_list:=FileTools[ListDirectory]("D:\\MapleVariables\\Data"): but how do I automate the reading of the files ie how do I append each file name in file_list to the end of the command: >read "D:\\MapleVariables\\Data so I can then read it
Is it possible to stop a section in maple 10 classic worksheet expanding on execution? I see from past postings that you cannot lock the section but I just want to keep it closed. I only want to see the final results on execution and I have to scroll past all the expanded sections all or click on all the sections to close them thanks
In the attached file I have a variable RT_FR which appears in the system equation a1. Download 2129_forMaple(RT_FR).mws
View file details If I do the following (mb,tr,Ic are parameters) >RT_FR:=0: > a1 := -(PSX*sin(s1)*tr-RT_FR+mb*tr*vHn*v1)/(mb*tr^2+Ic); a1 := -11.64824973 vHn v1 then the numerical procedure - RT_FR is declared global - which is called by odeplot behaves exactly as it should. However if I do the following
I am using dsolve(numeric)with the procedure option to output the position of a body subject to acceleration. The results(position and velocity) are written into an array for the specified time-points. It all works fine. I use NLPSolve within the procedure called by dsolve as an intermediate step to calcualting the specified acceleration of the body. Is there a way to return the values calculated by NLPSolve? I can back-calculate from the output array values but it is extremely tedious. I can also view the results of NLPSolve using lprint but it is not clear how these results relate to the specified time points and I would want to store the values in a matrix.
Can Maple import a bitmap and then use it in a plot? If it can, can the orientation of the bitmap be changed in the plot? It would be much quicker and would look nicer than using the internal drawing facilities.
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