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I am using the output=array([]) option in dsolve which works fine if I write in each time step of interest eg output=array([0.1,0.2,0.3]). No problem for 3 values. However, I wish to input a large number of values. Can this be automated for regular time steps?
I have a frame where u_n and u_t are perpendicular unit vectors with u_n pointing to the right and u_t pointing up. Where the frame is rotating with angular velocity w in the anti-clockwise direction and time is t then d(u_n)/dt = w u_t How do I set Maple up so that it will do a symbolic differentiation of unit vectors - or any vector - in a rotating frame?
I have a large system of equations that takes a good hour to solve. Each time I save and reopen the worksheet there is another lengthy recalculation on execution after which other operations are carried out. I know how to save individual variables for reuse but what I would like to do is save the session so that the I can pick up from where I left off. Is this possible?
I have a vector containing a variable >vec1[1]; var1 I have another vector containing a symbolic solution. >vec2[1]; a + b + c I wish to assign a + b +c to var1 so that >var1; a + b_+ c How do I do that? All of my usual methods seem to come unstuck.
The attached file solves a system of equations in a couple of seconds in maple 9.5 But in classic worksheet maple 10.04 after many minutes it gobbles up gigabytes of memory and then ends with an error. The file belows shows the details but it has the form sys:={eq1,...eq22}: solution:=solve(sys,{var1,...var22}): Any comments very much appreciated. Download 2129_No Solve.mws
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