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I found this example in the Help.

I'm wanting to export the encrypted file (the gibberish between local and end proc) to friend running another M2018, and want it to run.

I would need to rerieve "abc.mla" repository that we saved it in. But I cant find it. and if i did send it, he would be able to decrypt it surely?


On CBS tv show Survivor S38E4, an interesting scenario arose. There was initially 2 teams comprising 6 persons (blue team) and 9 persons (yellow team). Then they decided to mix it up, and split it into 3 teams. Each player was randomly assigned a buff, (red, green or orange =3 colored buffs *5).= 3 teams of 5.

What was interesting was 5 out of the original 6 blue team are now in the new red team. 5 of the original yellow team are in the new green team and 4 of the original yellow team are in the new orange team. 

What is the chances of that happening?
A couple of attempts:


I would like to designate AU as currency for my application, rather than the USD.

I can do it to a degree, but when I use combine I have problems. Compare output 8 and 9 to 17 and 18. help?


Initially I tried to find pemutations of 1..9, ie [[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]],[[1,2,4],[3,5,6],[7,8,9]],...etc, But maybe not all of them?

I wonder if someone out there can change my code to reflect the following:

1/According to the pdf excerpt, there are a total of 199 unique sums, the smallest sum is 774 and the largest 2556.(From displaying 280 outcomes, the code got the 774).

2/Show which sums have the greatest probability (specifically, 1566, 1575, 1638, 1656, 1674, 1692, 1755, and 1764, each of which can be shown with effort to have a 3/280, or 1.07%, probability – the calculations to determine this probability is a brute-force computation, and requires enumerating all outcomes of the sample space within a computational software package). We then finally reveal the prediction, which of course is correct..(I don't get it)



I am trying to find how it calculates how much solar will be exported back to the grid. I thought this could only be estimated  empirically, but apparently not.

Anyway, it depends on three factors, power consumption, power installed, and average hours of sun per day, or hours per day as a function of time of year. For C=4.5kWh/day and S=5kW and H=4 sun hrs per day, means 90% will be exported back to the grid Y. So Y(C,S,H)= a closed form expression.

How to guess the fuction? I tried array interpolation for a numeric solution, but it complains: independent coordinates must be sorted in increasing order

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