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These are questions asked by ccAndrew

How do you smooth a frequency plot?

When I do a boxplot, the x- axis is as wide as the boxplot. 

How do adjust the x-axis so the boxplot is say .25 units wide and the x-axis extends to 5?

I was running the BirthdayPi procedure that was somewhere here in mapleprimes. 

I replaced the string evalf(.. _BigPi   with evalf(Pi, 1000000) and ran the procdure.  I hit the stop hand because it was taking too long then I ran it again with a different number.  shortly after it said kernel connection lost. 

I just upgraded my memory from 1Gb to 2.5 Gb (ie I removed 2 of the 4  512 Mb chips and replaced those with 1 Gb chips).  Could that have something to do with it?

Element(U,atomicweight) returns a mass, okay but then I choose

Element(Pu,atomicweight) does not return a mass like U but mentions it's a radioactive element and the closest is 244

Is that just the way Maple looks at radioactive elements? 

How do I put a number, as an example: 987654321 so that all the digits are in a list?  Say I want to pull out the 7th digit, which in this example happens to be 3.  Or let's say I want to find out what the 473rd digit in Pi is.

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