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These are questions asked by ccAndrew

Not sure why I'm getting this error.  2^56^89 = Error, numeric exception: overflow.

If I include brackets (2^56)^89 it works fine. 

I suppose it has something to do with some of the quirks that maple has. 


Kernelopts(multithreaded) returns true for both my P4 hyper thread processor (which is fine) and also my P3 tecra 8100 laptop. huh?

Isn't multithread only supposed to return true if there is hyperthread technology on the chip or the processor was dual core or dual processor.  Why is it returning true on my laptop P3 single processor? 

Is that a bug?

For example, a simple expression like so ...


solve (a,x);  will return solve (b=3*x+5,x)   Not exactly what one was looking for.  Removing the space, solve(a,x) and now it will work exactly like you wanted it to. 

I can't recall wether I read somewhere that spaces weren't allowed.  That true?  Or do they need to brush up on the next update?



I want to take two numbers, for example 37665432 and 59374696 (later extrapolate to 3 or 4 etc... sets of numbers) and take each individual number alternately and put them into a list. 

Here's what I have







So now I have the numbers all in a list and I want to select each one alternately into another list.


It's a simple equation where I'm just getting maple to run through the steps.


solve(eq,P^2);   returns an unexpected error

I wanted to see if maple could solve for P^2, poking here and there seeing what does and doesn't work.  I know I could just type it in, but can Maple do this?  Maybe I'm missing something.

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