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Hi, a school question asked me to plot 50 terms of below fourier series. I need some help programming this plz.


(4/pi)*sum (sin (2k-1)*x/(2k-1), k=1..infinity) (k+1,k=0..n)

I am trying to get jacobian computed for lorenz equations, not showing matrix, using Maple 2019 newest version. any guidance?





how can I solve triple integral below in maple, thanks





I'm trying to create an ellipsoid using spherical coordinates.

                   "x^2 + y^2/4 + z^2/9 = 1" how can I enter this?

This is what I have , but shape show up really crazy



[An edited and reposted version of this Question, which has subsequently been deleted, specifically asked that the plot be done by making a small adjustment to Maple's spherical coordinates. The deleted version also named the ellipsoid E, a detail which is important for understanding correctly the OP's subsequent integration Question. --Carl Love acting as a Moderator]

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