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I came across this interesting piece of reading, and thought I'd share it. It's an online version of the title, "The Mathematics of Gambling", by Dr. Edward Thorp. Although after browsing the web it was implied that Dr. Thorp was world renowned, I honestly knew nothing of him. You may also look him up on Wikipedia to find a link to this publication. Maybe some of you may find ways of applying Maple to some of the content in this book.
Is there a feature that lets you know if and how many times an uploaded file was viewed, and downloaded by mapleprimes members ? I just personally would like to know how useful my blogs and postings are. (Vanity, I guess. :->). Also, on my last blog dealing with algebraic cryptography, after posting the maple worksheet I did not get the option of having being viewable on maplenet. The only option that was given was to download the actual maple worksheet. Can someone please look into this ? v/r,
This is a request for the moderators/administrators. Is it possible for the administrators, or some responsible member of mapleprimes to issue periodic mathematical competitions ? Their relevance, and or dependence on Maple use is of no issue to me, and likewise for any rewards for the winners. My reason for asking is because I think it would help not just the participants, but everyone on mapleprimes to learn more about Maple. If I'm not mistaken, I think the makers of Matlab do something similar to this. v/r,
I'm checking to see if this problem is still being worked on. At times I find that the reply box is shifted to the far right of the screen, sometimes cutting off any text that is typed in that area. I also posted an earlier complaint about this same problem. v/r,
I just went through another chapter of Klima's title, "Applications of Abstract Algebra with MAPLE". Specifically the section on algebraic cryptography, if anyone is familiar with this title. I went through the example of the Hill Cryptosystem, and used again with another plaintext example of my own, and thought I'd also share this. I was wondering if anyone would know how to automate the code in this worksheet with or without maplets ? respectfully, Download 285_Maple 10 Classic Klima Algebraic Cryptography.mws
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