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I wanted to let everyone know that we have completely revamped the Books section on our website. It is now a lot easier to browse and search for books that involve Maplesoft products. If you know of a recent book that isn’t in our database, please tell us about it.  (You can use the link at the bottom of the book section pages, or you can reply to this post).

We would also like to hear from people who...

We have just released the MapleSim Driveline Component Library. Built with the involvement of several transmission manufacturers, this MapleSim add-on covers all stages in the powertrain, from the engine to the differential, wheels, and road loads, as well as vehicle dynamics. MapleSim and the MapleSim Driveline Component Library make it much easier for transmission manufacturers to reduce power loss through improved designs, resulting in more efficient vehicles.


MapleNet 15 has just been released. MapleNet 15 brings the power of Maple 15 to your web sites and applications. New features include support for the new interactive data tables and single-click re-execution of documents.  MapleNet 15  also automatically detects when it is being accessed from a mobile device and adapts the display according to the device capabilities. 

You can learn more about MapleNet 15

Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a Maple 15 update available. Maple 15.01 provides:

  • Enhancements to MapleCloud security settings
  • Improvements to tools supporting multi-process programming on a local grid
  • Extended MATLAB® connectivity to include MATLAB® R2011a
  • Compatibility with MapleSim 5


To get this update, you can use Tools>Check for Updates from within Maple, or visit for ...

Maple T.A.  7 and Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite 7 are now available.

Maple T.A. 7 provides new options for analyzing grades and gaining a deep understanding of how students are performing, including:

  • Instructors can view all responses to an assignment question, to easily look for patterns
  • The grading scheme for the entire course can be defined inside Maple T.A., with appropriate weightings and flexible policies for dealing with missed, repeated, and worst assignments...
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