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Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a Maple 15 update available. Maple 15.01 provides:

  • Enhancements to MapleCloud security settings
  • Improvements to tools supporting multi-process programming on a local grid
  • Extended MATLAB® connectivity to include MATLAB® R2011a
  • Compatibility with MapleSim 5


To get this update, you can use Tools>Check for Updates from within Maple, or visit for ...

Maple T.A.  7 and Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite 7 are now available.

Maple T.A. 7 provides new options for analyzing grades and gaining a deep understanding of how students are performing, including:

  • Instructors can view all responses to an assignment question, to easily look for patterns
  • The grading scheme for the entire course can be defined inside Maple T.A., with appropriate weightings and flexible policies for dealing with missed, repeated, and worst assignments...

A new release of MapleSim is now available.

MapleSim 4.5 Highlights

  • Enhanced Modelica support, including the ability to access new collections of components using the Modelica import feature

  • Increased speed and modeling capabilities for continuous systems with discrete events. The enhanced engine handles a far greater class of these systems than earlier versions, and shows significant...

Maple 14.01 is now available. It provides updates in many areas, including:

  • Mathematics: Updates to the VectorCalculus, DifferentialAlgebra, MathematicalFunctions, and Student packages, the convert command, and tools for solving differential equations
  • Interface: Enhancements to context menus, tables, embedded components, document blocks, and the start-up code region
  • Plotting:

I just wanted to let everyone know that we recently added some interesting new packages to the Application Center. These packages had been available as third party products. Now, the authors have chosen to make these products freely available to the community through the App Center. Follow the links below to take a look.

Harmonic Analysis

Structural Mechanics



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