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Thank you all for participating to my questions before.

I was wondering if we can change an equation into quartic form or quadratic form in maple.

I have succesfully got an equation like the following:

`S__2 ` = sin(alpha - phi)*sin(-beta + alpha)*(gamma*H^2*sin(beta - varepsilon)*sin(alpha) - h^2*sin(beta)*sin(alpha - varepsilon)*gamma + h^2*sin(beta)*sin(alpha - varepsilon)*psi)/(2*sin(-beta - delta - phi + alpha)*sin(beta)^2*sin(alpha - varepsilon)*sin(alpha)) - S__1

From the paper I studied, they change it to form an equation like this


`S__2 ` = 1/2*gamma*H^2*sin(beta - alpha)*(M__3(X)^3 + M__2(X)^2 + M__1*X)/(sin(beta)^2*(D__3(X)^3 + D__2(X)^2 + D__1*X + D__0)) - S__1


Where value of M, D and X is sets of long equation. Can someone teach me how to assign maple to change this kind of equation to another form of equation. It's good enough if I can learn how to learn the basic.


Thank you.



Faiz Farhan


I wonder if we can change the way Maple works so that all calculation can be done in degree instead of radian?

I know that we can *pi/180 to set it to degree but if the calculation lots of sin, cos, tan etc. it would be really hard.

Hope you can help me. Thanks for your participation and assistance.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Faiz Farhan


I am trying to solve a differentiation but I think I am stuck since the solution is not what it should be.

So, I got the equation below

eq4 := `S__2 ` = sin(alpha - phi)*sin(-beta + alpha)*H^2*M/(2*sin(-beta - delta - phi + alpha)*sin(beta)*sin(alpha)) - S__1

And according to the paper I read, to get the maximum value of alpha for maximum value of S_2, I need to make differentiation to first derivative where dS_2/d(alpha) = 0

Then I should substitute back value of alpha to equation above and the paper shows that i should get equation below.

`S__2 ` = 1/2*M*K__a*H^2 - `S__2 `

where K_a is

`K__a`= [(sin(beta+phi))/((sin(beta))/(sqrt(sin(beta+delta))+(sqrt(sin(phi+delta)*(sin(phi-varepsilon)))/(sin(beta-varepsilon))))]


I know its really hard but hope someone can give some idea how to do it.


Thank you very much.


Kind regards

Faiz Farhan


I am working on a project and really need help from you guys how to rearrange/factorize an equation. So I got a form of expression as shown below, where

W__1 + W__2 = -sin(-beta + alpha)*((H^2 - h^2)*gamma + h^2*psi)/(2*sin(beta)*sin(alpha))


How can I rearrange it into a similar form of

W__1 + W__2 = -H^2*sin(-beta + alpha)*((1 - h^2/H^2)*gamma + h^2*psi/H^2)/(2*sin(beta)*sin(alpha))


where I just bring out value of H^2? I realize it's very simple to do by hand but I just need to learn how to handle Maple for my work.

Really hope anyone can help me. Thank you very much for your time and assistance.


Kind regards

Faiz Farhan




I just wondering if I could write a variable as y' since when I try it, it will automatically diffrentiate the subject.


Thank you.


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