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hi everybody!

I have a question. Why my first loop works but the second one doesn't work?


for m from 1 by 1 to 4 do

alpha := m+n:



for m from 1 by 1 to 4 do

for n from 1 by 1 to 4 do

alpha := m+n



what is my mistake?


I'm writting a simple program to obtain chi-squared for my model. I've written it for a costant value of "n" and it correctly works and results chi-squared, but when I want to write a loop for "n" then the program doesn't work at all.

I don't recieve any error message. can you help me?



Tank you "Preben Alsholm". Your solution is very nice. But I have a question. When I use

implicitplot(eq(x), x=0..10)

for myself equation, I have a plot with 2 lines where have symmetry with respect to x-axis, but when I use your notation I only have the line under x-axis. Why?

For my physically work I need the upper line.


I have one equation consists of "x" and "y(x)". This equation does not have any analytic solution, but I found a numeric solution by using "implisitplot". But, apparently this solution is not very good because if I want to plot anything which is related to either itself or its derivatives such as:

a(x) := y(x) + 1


b(x) := diff(y(x), x) + 1

I don't have any good result. What shall I do? Can you...


Thanks a lot. you solved my first problem. Now I have a new problem. Consider I have an equation like:

w(z) = 1-(2/H(z))*diff(H(z),z)

I want to plot "w" with respect to "z", but since with latter solving I don't have any functional form for H(z) I can't. What's your suggestion for this?

Thank you!

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