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Dear guides

I have an equation: "eq := Pi-arcsin(sqrt(2E)/sqrt(1+E))-arcsin(sqrt(2E)/sqrt(2+E))-2*sqrt(2E)=0;

when I use "solve" maple say: "Warning, solutions may have been lost" and get a bad result. How can I ontain a better answer?



I have solved a set of ODEs. For example I have obtained L(t). Now, I have a relation between "t" and for example "z", such as "t = exp(z)". How can I get for example L(z=1)?


Hello all!

Consider I have an array like this:

A := [[1,2,3], [2,1,4], [1,2,2], [4,2,3], [1,3,2]];

Now, I want to make a new array from the above one where contains those elements of "A" which their third columns are smaller than "3". (I mean in this example the third and fifth element, but in a big array I can't find these elements as simple as this example.) What should I do?



Hello everybody!

I'm working on a statistical problem. I need to plot confidence regions for parameters in the model, but I don't know what I should do. I tried to get some programs from the internet, but either they don't work or I don't understand details of them to change for my work. Can someone introduce a good program to me?, or does anyone have another useful idea for me?

Thanks a lot!

sendtomap1.mw, sendtomap2.mw, wood_riess.zipHi! I've written a program for my work to obtain "chi square" for a range of data. Can someone tell me why my first example which I have attached and I've called it "sendtomap1" works correctly, but the second one "sendtomap2" has an error?...

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