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Dear guys! I've written some expressions and then the final equations which I want to solve as below:

> Omega0 := 0.26: H0 := 0.8: q0 := -0.61: j0 := 1: s0 := -0.18: l0 := 2.61:

> f0 := 6*H0^2*(Omega0-2):      f10 := 1:    f20 := (6*H0^2)^(-1)*(-3*Omega0/(4*(1+q0))+1/2):     f30 := (6*H0^2)^(-2)*(-3*Omega0*(3*q0^2+6*q0+j0+2)/(8*(1+q0)^3)+3/4):     f40 := (6*H0^2)^(-3)*(-3*Omega0*(s0*(1+q0...

Dear all!

I wrote a program but when I run it I get an error as: " can not evaluate the solution further right of ..., maxfun limit exceeded ". I tried some ways to work around it, for example I tried "maxfun=500000" and more. Also I tried "maxfun=0", but they don't work. How can I solve my problem?

O.K. Isolved this problem myself. We can solve such a problem in two different ways. 1.by adding the expression "method=mebdfi" and 2. by adding expression "'stiff=true'".

upload2.mw Dear guys!

Pleaes visit the attached file and tell me what should I do. Thanks a lot.

bestfit1-loop.mw, sn_union2.txt

Dear all

I've written a program, but it shows an error related to maxfun limit when I run it. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? and how can I solve it? The program and the data file are attached.

Thanks a lot.

upload.mwDear all, Can someone find what my mistake is?

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