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A customer wondered if they could create a plot of points on a polar axis, and if they could zoom a polar plot.

 We suggested a couple of options for making these plots, and (although zooming is not supported in polar coordinates in Maple 2020) an alternative to manually scale a polar plot.

Hope it's a useful demonstration.

rho := [seq(i, i = 1 .. 10)];
theta := [seq((2*j*Pi)/10, j = 1 .. 10)];
nby2 := zip(`[]`, rho, theta);

# Method A of plotting points in polar basis
pointplot(rho, theta, coords = polar, axiscoordinates = polar, connect = false, color = "HotPink", symbol = soliddiamond);

#Method B to create polar point plot
polarplot(nby2, style = point, color = "green", symbol = solidbox);

#narrow view of polar plot around first point as a substitute for zooming
polarplot(nby2, style = point, color = "OrangeRed", symbol = solidcircle, coordinateview = [0 .. 2, Pi/5 - Pi/20 .. Pi/5 + Pi/20])


A customer wondered if it was possible to create 2-line tickmarks on Maple plots like so



We achieved this using typeset, fractions, and backticks. Worksheet follows.


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