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These are questions asked by kail85

sometimes Maple gives me the result in strange form, for example:


I is the complex number. why is there a dot behind 2 ? How can I simplify it to

2*I*q*r ?

Many thanks,Kyle

Dear experts, I have problems about "subs", see below
> restart:
> assume(A>0): interface(showassumed=0):
> f:= A^2-2*sqrt(A^2+1)+1;
Now I want to replace A^2+1 to M^2, so idealy, what I want to see is
M^2 + M
When I do:
> f2:= subs(A^2+1 = M^2,  f);
Maple shows 
Maple cannot replace A^2+1

Hi, experts


I have an array which is empty, say


f:= []:


is there away to check if it's empty? I want to do something like in Matlab:


if isempty(f)




Many thanks



Hi, experts,


I have an equations:


How to solve a, and b? It's easy to know that a = 2, b =5 though.


Many thanks! 

Hi, there, maple built-in help just has an example of Brusselator model in 1D case. But how can I intepreter the diffusion terms that Brusselator has in 2D case? Could you please give me an example of the code to run Brusselator simulation in 2D case?

Brusselator model:



Thank you


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