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We have a list of random binary numbers, say, A=[1,1,0,0,1,0]. Based upon A we want to write a matrix M=[a(i,j)] of order 5x5, where each a(i,j) is a list of length(A), comprising real numbers in closed interval [0,1]. All these reals in a(i,j) are less or equal to the corresponding entry in A.
Furthermore, the matrix rows and columns have to satisfy following conditions:

1. min(a(i,r),a(i,s))=[0,0,0,0,0,0] for every i,r,s such taht r<>s.
   min(a(r,j),a(s,j))=[0,0,0,0,0,0] for every i,r,s such taht r<>s.

Suppose the adjacency matrix M is given. How we can get the graph of it from Maple? Can we draw the graph now? Thanx.
Hi, I was wondering, how the Boolean matrices can be operated (multiplied, added etc) in Maple? Can we find their eigenvalues etc? Your reply would do great help to me. Many Thanks. Athar Kharal
Hi, I am having trouble with the list L:=["2", "abcde"]. I want to get L[1]/4=.5. But L[1] is not a number. How can I convert that? Thanks.
I have a string in the form ss:="abcd # efg # hijk, lm_r, stuv_k": Is it possible now to write it as [ [abcd], [efg], [hijk, lm_r, stuv_k] ]: Thanx, Kharal
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