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Hi, I want to add a ListBox, with a vertical scroll bar in it, in my Maplet. I don't know how to get it. Kindly help. Thanks.
Hi, If a sentence (as a string) is given with uneven number of spaces in it, how can we smooth it out so that every word is followed by exactly one space. I think this would be solved by Regular Expression in patmatch, but exactly I don't know. Kindly help me. Thanks.
How can I compute the superimum and infimum of two functions in Maple? Would it be different for a pointwise computation and on full domain? I am a newbie, kindly give a detailed example. Thanks.
I have a text file, named Gens.txt, in the followig format Heading1 : This is first line Heading2 : This is second line Heading3 : This is third line I want to write a code which does the following: 1. Reads a line from this file and substitutes the number of prefix spaces at the start of line and followed by #. 2. The portion after : is made uniform in terms of spaces i.e. each word is followed by only one space. 3. The line thus produced is to be written to a text file named GensByMaple.txt. For example the first two lines would become like the following:
Suppose a function is given as f:=[[.4,.2,.7],[a,b,c]]. How this can be done that writing >f(a); would give me .4 Thanks.
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