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I am plotting flux values using contourplot3d. But I am only allowed to give two colors in contourplot3d option (eg. coloring=[red, blue]). This gives a contour plot that is a combination of these two colors. eg. But i want different colors to denote different flux ranges and so I need atleast 4 colors. Is there anything I can do? Thanks

I am trying to point plot R:= .8*theta+.87 where theta starts from 160 degrees and goes till 330 degrees. I want to see points only at 160 degrees, 170 degrees, 180 degrees and so on till 330 degrees . It should be a polar plot. If I use plot( .8*theta+.87, theta=(160/180)*Pi..(330/180)*Pi,coords=polar), I get a continuous line. I just need points. thanks
Hi all, I need to change 'R' values in my torus given by with(plottools); with(plots); display(torus([0, 0, 0], r,R)) to one with an array of R values that are actually gaussian radius values that peak at R. I have these R values from Monte Carlo methods. I mean rather than having a strict R, I want it to peak at R with some distribution around R. Thanks
Hi, MY problem below is basically like this: I have a grid and need to plot points on it. The color of points depend on another parameter x. So, if x=
Hi, I have a grid given by :
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