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Hi, would anyone mind explaining the use of k:=op(J)[1] in this code below. 'Int((3*polylog(5/2, -exp(b*(u-i)))/b^(5/2)+i*polylog(3/2, -exp(b*(u-i)))/b^(3/2))*r^2, r = 0. .. 10.)'; J:= convert(%, rational); K:='op(J)[1]'; with(codegen); makeproc(K,r): KK:=optimize(%, 'tryhard'); 'Int( KK(r) , r=0.6 .. 10, method = _d01akc, digits=8)'; evalf(%); Thanks MS
Hi all, Is there any way I can check what my maple is doing? It's running this code for almost two days now.
Hi guys, I need the text output of a maple sheet exported to a text file. Where I need to make this text file and how can I export the output? Thanks MS
I have this code: ade:= diff(y(r),r,r)+2*diff(y(r),r)/r+486*polylog(3/2,-exp(1-1/43*y(r))) = 0; ys:= dsolve({de, y(0) = 0, D(y)(0) = 0}, y(r), series, order=10); yn := convert(evalf(ys), polynom);yn1 := eval(yn, r = .1); dyn1 := eval(diff(yn, r)); dyn2 := eval(dyn1, r = .1);S := dsolve({de, y(.1) = 1.266393114, (D(y))(.1) = 25.18200436}, y(r), numeric);with(plots); odeplot(S, [r, y(r)], r = 0.1e-1 .. 200); # I get a plot from this step, but I need an expression for y(r) also. A crude method is to get S(1);S(2) and so on and copy paste those values for interpolation.
Hi all, I solved this nonlinear DE de := diff(y(r), r, r)+2*(diff(y(r), r))/r+9*(16*43)*Pi^2*sqrt(Pi/(2*(1/43)^3))*polylog(3/2, -exp(1/43*(43-y(r))))/(16*Pi^2*sqrt(43)^3) = 0; with initial conditions y(0) = 0, D(y))(0) = 0 by using truncated series method in 'solve symbolically' option (Dsolve[interactive]). I am getting a solution like this: y(r) = -(3/4)*sqrt(86)*sqrt(Pi)*polylog(3/2, -exp(1))*sqrt(43)*r^2-(1161/80)*Pi*polylog(1/2, -exp(1))*polylog(3/2, -exp(1))*r^4+O(r^6). How can I get an asymptotic potential y(r) for r-> infinity? Thank you MS
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