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Hi guys, I am struggling with these three equations. The first is a nonlinear equation which can be solved numerically with the boundary conditions y(infinity)=0 and y'(0)=0. a1 := diff(y(r), r, r) = -2*(diff(y(r), r))/r-1.3*10^12*polylog(3/2, exp(b(u-y(r)))) Now y(r) depends parametrically on u and b which can be determined using these equations: a2 := -1.5*10^8*(int((3*polylog(5/2, exp(b(u-y(r))))/b^(5/2)+y(r)*polylog(3/2, exp(b(u-y(r))))/b^(3/2))*r^2, r = 0 .. 10)) = -129000 a3 := 3*10^8*(int(r^2*polylog(3/2, exp(b(u-y(r)))), r = 0 .. 10))/b^(3/2) = 1
Hi all, I need to solve these two nonlinear equations for unknowns b and u. I have used solve command and maple is evaluating for last 5 hours. Is there any faster way to solve these equations? Also, can I somehow check if maple is not stuck in an infinite loop? equation 1: 16*Pi^2*1.5)*10^6*sqrt(Pi/(2*b^3))*((1000/3*((2/3)*exp(b*(u-4300))+3/4))*(exp(b*(u-4300)))^(3/2)/(exp(b*(u-4300))+1)+500*sqrt(exp(b*(u-4300)))^ln(exp(-b*(u-4300))+1)) = 1, equation 2:
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