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The eval command doesn't work on random variables.

For instance:

X := RandomVariable(Normal(mu, sigma)):
Y := eval(X, mu=1);
Mean(Y); # returns mu

I once found a Maple command whose syntax is the same as eval's and acts as eval
Y := COMMAND(X, mu=1)
Mean(Y); # returns 1

Could someone remind me of its name?

Thanks in advance


When you declare a random variable X  by writting X := Statistics:-RandomVariable(...) Maple associates to the name X an "object" dubbed _R.
My question is very simple: is it possible to recover the definition of X from the "object" _R?

To illustrate, suppose I've written
> X := Statistics:-RandomVariable(Normal(0, 1)) ;
I would like to extract the information "_R represents a random variable Normal(0, 1)" from _R

Thanks in advance


Given my gender, my age, the region where I live, statistics say my life expectation is still 25.3 years, thus about 221650 hours.
Under these conditions, what does the loss of an hour to answer a question represent?
Practicaly nothing, particularly if the answer does present some interest for the OP who posted it.

But what if this same OP has removed his question once I answered it?

In this case it's a complete waste of time, without even complaining about the indelicacy that this PO has shown.

So, vv, why did you remove your last question once answered ?

As a reminder, it was a manual simplification (Maple did not succeed in doing so) of  expression

expr := 512*b^9 + (2303*a + 2304)*b^8 + (4616*a^2 + 9216*a + 4608)*b^7 + (5348*a^3 + 16128*a^2 + 16128*a + 5376)*b^6
 + (4088*a^4 + 16128*a^3 + 24192*a^2 + 16128*a + 4032)*b^5 + (1946*a^5 + 10080*a^4 + 20160*a^3 + 20160*a^2 
+ 10080*a + 2016)*b^4 + (728*a^6 + 4032*a^5 + 10080*a^4 + 13440*a^3 + 10080*a^2 + 4032*a + 672)*b^3 
+ (116*a^7 + 1008*a^6 + 3024*a^5 + 5040*a^4 + 5040*a^3 + 3024*a^2 + 1008*a + 144)*b^2 
+ (26*a^8 + 144*a^7 + 504*a^6 + 1008*a^5 + 1260*a^4 + 1008*a^3 + 504*a^2 + 144*a + 18)*b + 9*a^8 
+ 36*a^7 + 84*a^6 + 126*a^5 + 126*a^4 + 84*a^3 + 36*a^2 + 9*a + 1

in order to obtain (a+2*b+1)^9 - a*(a-b)^8 



Yesterday I replied  denitsastaicova's question while providing an attached file. 

Surprisingly, I wasn't able to save the worksheet after having executed it. The only way I found to save it was to copy-paste it's content in a new worksheet and save this latter without any execution.
Here is the file

For info I'm working with  Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2015.2, Mac OS X, December 21 2015 Build ID 1097895
on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.3
If I open this file and execute it (and even if I execute only the commands from the initial restart to the three dsolve), I get this pop-up error message when trying to save it:

Does my worksheet contain some undesired character or is it a bug ?

It has become more and more common to meet questions as labelled as "Spam". What does this classification mean?
Strangely if you click on the little red flag "Spam" it even seems that you can delete the corresponding question.
Does it mean that some people here have the power to decide if a question deserves to be answered or merits to be put on the trash?
Given that these questions are answered the same way than any other non spam labelled question, why are they labelled as spam?


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