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Dear all

I have  Lie commutations for vectors e1, e2, e3, e4, e5, e6 as follow:

[e1, e3] = e3, [e1, e4] = e4, [e1, e5] = e5, [e1, e6] = e6, [e2, e3] = -e5, [e2, e4] = e6, [e3, e5] = e6

for which the command 


returns the false result, which means, the vectors are not closed under Jacobi's identity. How can I find vector triplets for which Jacobi's identity does not hold?

Please find Maple

Dear All

Is it possible to change the position of labels so that they do not overlap with curves of plots? Please see the attached file in which I want to shift label for vertical axes to slightly left and label for horizontal axes to the slightly right.

Can we overide Maple default dot derivative with 'tau' instead of 't'?

Dear all

I have an operator given below in the image. I want expand this operator upto order 5, when there are three independent variables x, y, t(i=1,2,3). The expansion can also be obtained manually, but that is always prone mistake, is the expansion posible using any routine of Differential Geometry package?

Suppose I have an expression like

Is it possible to reverse the divergence expression using homotopy operator to obtain Psi and Phi?

The above divergence expression is possible since Euler operator of the left side is zero.

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