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I have a symbolic function, and I want to see its pointwise numerical evaluation in fortran format.

Basically, if I have a function like e^x, I want an array like:


What I tried doing was:


I type in:


RET := λbar*R :

RET[Sigma] := cos(RET)+RET*sin(RET):



It displays fine on my GUI, but when I copy and paste it into a text editor I get:

RET := λbar*R :

RET[Sigma] := cos(RET)+RET*sin(RET):



Is it possible to compute possible addition chains for an integer in maple ??

If not, is there ANY software that will do it ??

It looks like, choosing a public key exponent with a smaller addition chain makes  RSA decryption more efficient .. but how to know whether or not your exponent has a small addition chain!

From format->autoexecute , I wanted to press "clear" but accidentally pressed "clear all" ... now all 200 of my autoexecuted functions (which were very carefully placed and is not easy to remember which ones they were!) have been removed and pressing edit->undo does NOTHING!

I'm so lucky that I save my maple worksheets every time I make big changes (so I have maybe 36 versions of this worksheet!) .... but should maple not be able to "undo" somehting THAT simple!


<p>Once I have defined a complicated expression, and then I realize that the variable x should have initially been named r , can I change x into r in such a way that when i view the expression, it is expressed in terms of r rather than x ?? Without going back and changing EVERY x into an r ??  If i do r=x or x=r and then view the expression it still displays everything in terms of x rather than r.</p>
<p>Also, maple's fortran code generator renames my variables s~ ,t~ and g~ into c1,c2 and c3,  </p>
<p>can I customize what it renames them as ??</p>
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