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These are questions asked by ndattani

It appears that the eigenvalues that Maple computes here are incorrect:

If I have g:=x^2 , and I want to plot it against x^2 I should get a straight line,

but If I do plot(g,x^2) it says "Error, (in plot) unexpected option: x^2"

Can I plot arbitrary functions against arbitrary functions ??

eigs := Eigenvalues(H);
Error, (in simplify) too many levels of recursion

!!  I never asked Maple to simplify anything !! I'd be happy even if it came messy!  I was planning on only using the linear approximation of the answer anyway !!

In fact, what's strange is that I did the Eigenvalues of this exact same matrix a year ago using Maple 12 (I'm still using Maple 12) and it gave them to me.  The matrix is the same this time except the symbols have different names!

First of all, is there a way I could add maple and matlab scirpts on this forum to make my questions more readable ?? I know we can enter latex scripts on a lot of the latex forums and it's very convenient.


I have a matrix that's a function of a few parameters.  I evaluate this matrix at specified values of those parameters and Maple gives me:

-10123.5740   14316.89761    5065.657044

14316.89761  -20246.81544   3581.960447

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