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it works for me. Updated worksheet.



I put the worksheet. As you see, no errors.

@Katherina von Bulow 

Thank you!  I just downloaded version 633 of Physics package  and now Maple is able to solve this PDE as expected. Good job.



I do not think there is ambiguity. The file is comma delimited. Mathematica can read the above using it as having 8 fields.

data = First@Import["data2.txt", "Table", "FieldSeparators" -> {","}, "Numeric" -> True]

           {1, 2, 3, "x+y, algorithm=[", 123, "]", "OK", 5}





thanks but It does not work for me on Maple 2020 on windows 10

a:=[parse(readline( "data.csv"))];

Error, incorrect syntax in parse: unexpected number (near 27th character of parsed string)

data.csv is 




thanks for the try. But I can't modify or edit the input files. There have to remain as is, used in other places and generated before and there are 1000's of them. 


Sorry, I meant to write "worksheet mode". I never use document mode. I was tried and wrote the wrong one.

Worksheet mode with 1D for input (i.e. classical Maple) and 2D for output.


"that this integral is uncomputable; "

Yes, that is correct. This problem is from the book  Handbook of first order partial differential equations, Volume 1, by Polyanin, Zaitsev, Moussiaux (2002).

This is problem  at page 38

The book gives only the principal integral to each pde. The the principal integral for this PDE is

So the general solution is an arbitrary function of the above principal integral. The integral can be left unevaluated since it has no antiderivative. This is how the book gives solutions to all the PDE's in this chapter. Here is from the introduction