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I did not see such a post for 2023 so I am starting one.

What is your 3 top bug fixes or improvements  you would like to see in Maple 2023? 

Here are mine

  1. Fix timelimit so that it completes at or near the time requested and not hang or take 10 hrs when asked to timeout after say 30 seconds.
  2. Fix the large amount of server crashes and the many random hangs when running large computation that takes long time. i.e. Make Maple more robust.
  3. Allow the user to remove output from worksheet while it is still running (Evaluate->Remove output from worksheet)

Maple is a nice language and has many nice functions. But it is the usability part of Maple that leaves many bad impressions because of these things that should really have been fixed by now given how long  Maple software have been around.

Any chance to have "Evaluate->Remove Output From Worksheet" become active and usable when one is still running something in the worksheet?  May be in 2023 version?

This is something that has been missing in Maple for ages.

Maple definitely slows down when the worksheet becomes full of output (from print messages) when a command has been running for long time. Now there is no way to remove the output in the worksheet until the command completes which can take hours. May be this slow down because the scrolling/writing to the worksheet slows down, and this affects how long it takes to complete as the engine is waiting for the frontend to finish writing to the worksheet?. I do not know. I just know Maple slows down when this happens.

I do not understand why Maple can't implement this. Is there a tehnical reson which will make removing current output in the worksheet not possible while a command is running?

According to Wikipedia

"In computing, a programming language reference or language reference manual is
part of the documentation associated with most mainstream programming languages. It is
written for users and developers, and describes the basic elements of the language and how
to use them in a program. For a command-based language, for example, this will include details
of every available command and of the syntax for using it.

The reference manual is usually separate and distinct from a more detailed
 programming language specification meant for implementors of the language rather than those who simply use it to accomplish some processing task."


And no, Maple's Programming guide is not a Language reference manual. This is a guide to how to program in Maple. But it is not reference manual for the language itself. i.e. description of the Language itself.

Examples of Language reference manuals are


Original C++ 



Fortran 77


and so on.

Why is there no LRM for Maple? Should there be one? I find Maple semantics sometime confusing, and many times I find how things work by trial and error. Having a reference to look at will be good. 

I know for a language as large as Maple, this is not easy to do. But it will good for Maplesoft to invest into making one.

I am testing Maple 2020.2 with new Latex with Physics version latest 879.

The latex generated now issues \! between the symbol and the () next to it to improve the spacing. This post is just to let anyone using the package mleftright in Latex, that this will cause a problem. So it is better to remove this package if you are allready using it.

Here is an example


              y \! \left(x \right) = {\mathrm e}^{\frac{x}{2}}

In earlier version of Physics:-Latex (now it is just Latex), the above generated this

             y  \left(x \right) = {\mathrm e}^{\frac{x}{2}}

Notice, no \! in earlier version.

If you happen to be using \usepackage{mleftright} to improve the spacing for \left and \right, which I was using, you'll get negative side effect. A solution is to remove this package. Here is an example showing the above Latex compiled with this package added, and without it, so you can see the differerence.


With the package mleftright loaded

which gives using latest Latex V 879. Maple 2020.2
  y \! \left(x \right) = {\mathrm e}^{\frac{x}{2}}
And which gives using earlier Physics Latex. Using Maple 2020.1
  y \left(x \right) = {\mathrm e}^{\frac{x}{2}}

This is the output without using this package. by removing the inlcude command in the above Latex code and not calling mlfright. Now the problem is gone:

I like the effect added from \! , which is a manual way to improve the space, which this package was doing.

just be careful not to use mleftright package now, which is a somewhat popular package in latex and It was recommended to use sometime ago to improve the spacing, as it will over correct the spacing, and looks like not needed any more with latest Maple Latex.



What are the things you most like to see improved/add to next version of Maple? 

This is my list for a starter:

1.  Improve the debugger. Debugger is very useful but needs more work. At least be able to see code listing in larger view as one steps in for example. See Matlab debugger for inspiration.

2.  Improve Latex. It still does not do fractions well. Posted about this before.

3. Eliminate hangs when using timelimit(). On long runs, random hangs happen when timelimit() do not expire as requested. Posted about this before.



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