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Editor-in-Chief of Maple Transactions (www.mapletransactions.org), longtime Maple user (1st use 1981, before Maple was even released). Most obscure piece of the library that I wrote? Probably `convert/MatrixPolynomialObject` which is called by LinearAlgebra[CompanionMatrix] to compute linearizations of matrix polynomials in several different bases. Do not look at the code. Seriously. Do not look. You have been warned.

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Paulina Chin of Maplesoft and I are pleased to annouce Maple Transactions Volume 2 Issue 1, the Proceedings of the 2021 Maple Conference.

Articles can be found at mapletransactions.org

Some articles are written directly in Maple and are published via the Maple Cloud.  There is also a Demo Video by Michael Monagan of his new GCD code.  There are articles on Math Education, on Applications of Maple, on software, and on mathematics research.  We draw particular attention to the article by Veselin Jungic, 3M Teaching Fellow at SFU and a Fellow of the Canadian Math Society, on Indigenising mathematics.  We hope that, as members of the Maple Community, you find much of interest.

Best wishes,

Rob Corless, Editor-in-Chief

Maple Transactions

Forest of ethnomathematics and its root.  Colourful natural trees growing in a forest above ground while below ground is a colourful mathematical tree going to a single glowing root


The Bohemian Matrix Calendar 2022 is up!  You may find it at https://rcorless.github.io/ (four versions: letter/A4 paper, Sunday/Monday start to the week).

It prints quite well (with proper equipment).  I wish you all the best for 2022.


This is my second try---my previous post about the Maple Conference  https://www.maplesoft.com/mapleconference/2021/ seems to have vanished into thin electrons.

Anyway!  The conference opens tomorrow!  There are many really interesting prerecorded talks, three live plenaries, two excellent panels, and registration is free!  See the above link.

I look forward to "seeing" you tomorrow.

Rob Corless, co-Chair of the Program Committee

on behalf of the organizers

Dear all,

The November issue of Maple Transactions is now up (we will be adding a few more items to that issue over the course of the month).  See https://mapletransactions.org/index.php/maple/index for the articles.

More importantly, Maple Primes seems to have a great many interesting posts, some of which could well be worked up into a paper (or a video).  Maple Transactions accepts worksheets (documents, workbooks) for publication, as well, although we want a high standard of readability for that.  I invite you to contribute.

The next issue of Maple Transactions will be the Special Issue that is the Proceedings of the Maple Conference 2021 (see my previous post :)


From a tweet by Tamás Görbe : plotting Chebyshev polynomials in polar coordinates leads to some interesting pictures.  Screenshot here, link to the worksheet (and some perhaps interesting puzzles) at the end.



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