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Editor-in-Chief of Maple Transactions (www.mapletransactions.org), longtime Maple user (1st use 1981, before Maple was even released). Most obscure piece of the library that I wrote? Probably `convert/MatrixPolynomialObject` which is called by LinearAlgebra[CompanionMatrix] to compute linearizations of matrix polynomials in several different bases. Do not look at the code. Seriously. Do not look. You have been warned.

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These are questions asked by rcorless

cyclebasis.mw contains a computation of a graph on 14 vertices which has a two-cycle.  I was expecting CycleBasis to find this two-cycle, but it does not.  Anybody know why not?

I was also expecting CycleBasis to work on the original directed graph, but it did not, for reasons that I do not understand.

I think the issue is that the writer of this package had a different mental model of what graphs were; I freely admit that I am a novice with regard to graphs.

Comments welcome.

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